Hunting with our Parson Russel teriers

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Videos and photos from hunting tests and trainings

23. 10. 2023

When to start hunting training?

Preferably already at the breeder of the given puppy. There are tactics, exercises, games that when a good breeder offers the whole pack of puppies, the puppy takes away very important habits and will never forget them. He knows exactly what the smell of a fox, a wild boar, a hen, a hare is. He is not afraid of driving in a car. He knows the smell of the forest, the field, if he can, he will dip his paws in the pond. If the new owner continues to develop all this in the puppy, he has a quarter of the work done for a good hunting dog. Today I'm posting photos of a dog that turned one year old yesterday and works naturally in the yard. I can't publish everything, but I can.

1st and 2nd photo) - The first careful climb into the natural burrow, where the pest sometimes hides. The dog slowly, carefully climbs into the hole and examines the den, what was living in that hole.

3rd and 4th photo) - Mini-track of a dead fox in a corn field.

5th photo) - An important mini-adulthood of a wild boar.

It's great to give dogs what they like. So when to start? Anytime, especially often :-)

The first trip to the natural burrow
The first trip to the natural burrow
Mini-track of a dead fox in a corn field.
Mini-track of a dead fox in a corn field.
An important mini-adulthood of a wild boar
An important mini-adulthood of a wild boar

20. 03. 2023

Training and raising a puppy

Two puppies will take a lot of work. We will be 5 months old and we have to get used to hunting training. It is unbelievable that from one litter with the same upbringing and attitude, you have two completely different specimens that behave and exercise completely differently. I have to approach each one individually, because what works for a dog does not work for a bitch and vice versa :-)

26. 02. 2023

Socialization of hunting dog breeds

Today's socialization, essential for future joint hunts, trials and mass dog events. Everyone liked it a lot, especially our little whites, who didn't yet understand what their big friends were doing when they exhibited. It is beautiful to watch the cubs of different breeds learning everything.

May 2022.

Foxes in an old scribbler

The work of our young LUMPA Kutcher-Chan and female KORA Kutcher-Chan.

August 25, 2018


Fetching a duck from deep water

Result of general examinations - 1st prize

September 8, 2018

FALL EXAMS - IRA Kutcher-Chan

Fetching a duck from deep water - 4 - 32 points

Result of general examinations - 1st prize

AJSA Mandylion 

(F. Ch. Charlie Chaplin vom Mahdenwald M: Emma von der Deutschbauerhube)

SVP - special water works 

January 2017

MS Slavošov - black game hunting

PRTi participates here too :-)

29. duben 2012

Jarní svod loveckých psů OMS Pardubice. 

My 14:50 - 15:20 (ta malá holčička)

At the end of the 1990s, I brought foals for breeding to the foal barn in Smrček u Chrasti. There were two small tri-colored dogs running around, which I didn't pay attention to at first, because there are countless such spotted dogs in the villages. However, the owner of the colt farm revealed to me that they are not stilts, even if they look like that at first glance. They were purebred Parson Russell terriers, the first bred in our country. I had to write down the name of the breed because I kept forgetting it. I came for a foal in a year, that is, actually for a yearling. The little speckled knots grew into handsome devils, but instead of accompanying horses on rides, they devoted themselves to chasing roe deer and mouflons. After repeated warnings from the gamekeeper, they had to remain locked in the pen. Their owner knew that I was a hunter and into hunting dogs, so he asked me to try to do something with them. I brought them home in 1998, with both of them I completed a spring descent. Aron stayed with me and Arnold, who was a little scared because he was once hit by a car, went to a horse breeder, where he lived to be a beautiful 12 years old. My Aron Parry Equicanis, renamed Tonda, started hunting with me. He surprised me with his hunting passion in the burrows and on the black hunt. I was blown away. Tonda lived to be 17 years old. And so it began. Love for the whole life.