JCh.MIA JESSY Kutcher-Chan

Ch. REDNOCK Just Right In Time x Ch. Kora Kutcher-Chan

* 22. 10. 2022

About female: 

  • Born: * 22. 10. 2022
  • Height: 33,5 cm 
  • Teeth: full dentition 
  • Bite: scissor 

Health tests:

Dog shows:

28.01.2024 - Intern. dog show Brno - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Hildeward Hoenderken/NL)

27.01.2024 - Intern. dog show Brno - Exc 1, CAC, r. CACIB (Charlotta Mellin/S)

10.12.2023 - degree titul Junior champion of Czech republik

10.12.2023 - Intern. dog show Prag - Exc 1, CAJC, CACIB-J (Bill Leslie/IRL)

8.12.2023Intern. dog show Prag - Exc 1, CAJC, BOJ, CACIB-J, BOB (Jeff Horswell/GB)

2.12.2023 - Club exhibition of terrier breeders - Excellent 1, Class winner, CCJ (judge Klára Požár/CZ)

7.10.2023 - Intern. dog show České Budějovice - Excellent 2 (judge Martina Hegr Klivarová/CZ)

23.9.2023 - Club show Mladá Boleslav - Excellent 3rd (judge Martina Hegr Klivarová/CZ)

19.8.2023International dog show Mladá Boleslav-junior class: Excellent 1, CAJC, CACIB Junior

22.07.2023 - Special show CBT Hluboká - youth class: Excellent

20.5.2023 - Kačina regional dog show - junior class: Very promising 1

Hunting trials: 

Mia is in hunter training


Pedigree and parents

Ch. REDNOCK Just Right In Time

* 24. 4. 2019

O: Ch. REDNOCK Just Jay Jay

M: Ch. REDNOCK Only You Dot Com

Height: 35 cm

Color: white with golden markings, fur broken

Bite: scissor bite

Health test results:

JBD-clear DM-clear SCA-clear, PLL, LOA - through parents clear, PL - 0, AU DOC - good


* 20. 12. 2018



Height: 35 cm

Color: white with golden markings, fur broken

Bite: scissor bite for breeding with absence of P3

Health test results:

DOV - clear, HUU - clear, LOA - clear, SCA - clear, JBD - clear, PLL - clear, DM - carrier, BAER test +/+, 

Dog shows and working

Rico is:

KfT youth champion.

German Junior Champion.

VDH Saar youth winner.

Youth winner from Rostock.

German Champion (KfT).

German Champion (VDH).

Several times BOB (best of breed)

Dog shows and working

Club show Mlada Boleslav - Ex.2, CAC


International VP Mlada Boleslav - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Special show PJRT Hluboká - Excellent 2, year CAC

Regional show Kačina - Excellent 1

Club show ČB - Excellent 1, CC, CAC

Kery and I regularly participate in duck hunts, she is an excellent swimmer and retriever from the water, she is not even afraid of nutria there (but I am afraid of them). He loves working underground and wants to keep working, so he shows it to us at home in the backyard :-)<br>



The owner of all Rednock photos is breeder Christiane Lindenberg.

Ch. Rednock Havealot

Height : 34 cm

Ch. Rednock Myown Point of View

Height : 34,5 cm

Ch. Rednock Just Jay Jay

Height : 33 cm

Ch. Charlie Chaplin vom Mahdenwald

Height : 32,5 cm

Lovecké zkoušky: JP, BP, JEP, ZP, GP, EF

Keystone The Best

Vítěz třídy Cruft 2012 

Ch. Jiddu de Ghundai

Height : 36 cm


JCh. Rednock Top Dressed Girl

nůžkový skus-1 premolár chybí
Height : 33 cm

Ch. Rednock you are Polly

Height : 33,5 cm

JCh. Rednock Only You Dot Com

Height : 33 cm

Chery Kutcher-Chan

Height : 34 cm

Lovecké zkoušky: PZ-I.c., BZ-I.c., KLZ-II.c., ZVP-II.c., ZV-I.c., ZN

Ch. Cedra Kutcher-Chan

Height : 33 cm

Lovecké zkoušky: Champion práce CZ, Champion práce KCHT, Klubový vítěz MLZ, Klubový vítěz BZH, LZ-I.c., PZ-I.c., SVP-II.c., BZ-I.c., HZ-II.c, ZV-I.c., ZN (84)

Ch. De Gundaï Eleis

Height : 33 cm

Pass Agility