Puppies  19. 12. 2023

On 19.12.2023, Kora Kutcher-Chan gave birth to five puppies. 2 males aned 3 females.

We have only one male for sale. For more information, write to me on FB or email izara@seznam.cz. For serious interested parties only.

We present to you the beautiful, promising union of our female Kora Kutcher-Chan and the dog Tusiquevales Dreams Catcher. Both parents are healthy with show and work results. He is the working champion of Italy, she works in burrows on foxes, martens, bears nutria, ducks and smaller hares.

More will be here or on the FB https://www.facebook.com/kutcher.chan

Only those interested in a puppy for breeding, work, hunting, agility, write to email or messenger or email: izara@seznam.cz


Ch. Tusiquevales DREAMS CATCHER

(Extraterrestrial Top Russell x Pressure Test Di Sopravento)

Health tests: PLL, LOA, SCA, NNA, DM, JBD - clear.  Teeth: full dentition with a scissor bite.

Beauty champion of Italy, Slovenian, Czech, San Marino CIB CIE.

Italian working champion. 4 x CACT for burrowing, youth shot test.

Ch. KORA Kutcher-Chan

(Ken Ritakim x Cherry Kutcher-Chan)

Health tests: PLL, LOA, SCA, NNA, JBD, DOV, HUU - clear. DM - carrier, BAER test +/+.

Beauty champion of Czech, CAC, CACIB, BOS, CC,...                

Fox burrowing, blood tracking test, young hunting dog test. Actively works in field hunting. Brings in ducks and nutria. Tracks deer, pig. Suppresses harmful animals - fox, marten, cat, nutria.

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Ch. KORA Kutcher-Chan

This beautiful female with a very trusting and playful nature has a very interesting pedigree. In it you will find representatives of both working lines with beautiful exteriors and lines from overseas. 

Shows: Kora is the beauty champion of the Czech Republic. Kora was exposed only 5 times. She was always an Excellent 1 or 2.

Hunting: It has working tests and is used in hunting practice. Pest control, wild boar, nutria hunting and she is also an avid swimmer. She is very emphatic and reports on a warm trail. Unfortunately, it is very contact in burrows. It makes me worry about her.