We are not a large kennel boasting the largest number of puppies. Yes, we are a kennel with a tradition of breeding Parson Russell Terriers for over 25 years.

Yes, we always kept either a female or a dog from each litter, which we used for our breeding work, but also with the passing of all hunting tests or just for hunting work.

Yes, we always know the entire branch of the generation from the mother's side, because as we have already written, we have always used the breeding we have at home.

Yes, we do targeted breeding where we know what we can afford and what we can't. We don't just make puppies by selling them all just because there is interest. The only litter where we could not keep a puppy was litter J and that was due to very serious health reasons, when the puppy should not have anyone to train it for hunting practice.

Now we are at the letter M.... which means that we have a total of "only" 15 litters in 20 years of work.

What is certainly important for us is to look for individuals who will be healthy, and for this we are helped by health tests that are constantly being improved, supplemented or modernized.

Here you can find an overview of all the litters we have bred

*** Litter N (19.12.2023)

Ch.Tusiquevales Dreams Catcher x Ch. Kora Kutcher-Chan

2 males and 3 females.

Litter M (22.10.2022)

Ch.Rednock Just Right in Time x Ch.Kora Kutcher-Chan


Litter L (15.7.2020)

ANDY z Václavova dvora x Ch. HESSY Kutcher-Chan

Andy z Václavova dvora
Andy z Václavova dvora
Hessy Kutcher-Chan
Hessy Kutcher-Chan

At the time when we were looking for the future father of our puppies, there was confusion and prohibition in the name of the Coronavirus. We didn't even try to go somewhere outside the border in black :-( That's why there was no need for Czech cover. :-) After consulting with Natálka Janulíková, who probably has an overview of all pesans living here, we decided on a dog who is a son of the successful Leon Černý Faun. The dog has a nice exterior, he is very hardworking with a nose and sharpness on four, but what about his character towards children? At 1000%.

One puppy was born - male:

Vrh / Litter K (20. 12. 2018)

Kora, Káča, Kery, Klea, Ken, Kor

GCh. Ken Ritakim

Show successes: Champion of Austria, Champion Jgd. of Austria, Champion of the Czech Republic, Grand Champion of the Czech Republic, BIS, 7 x BOB, 8 x CACIB, Club winner: KCHT, SKCHT+F, PJRTKT/A, European Champion JRT/PRT Slovakia, Club Jgd Sg.PJRTC Austria, Club Jgdsg.CUP PJRTC Austria.

Exams: Burrow test  - passed

Health results: PL - 0, BAER +/+, DOV neg., PLL - clear, SCA - clear, LOA - clear, JBD - clear, height 33 cm

Litter J (2. 5. 2018)

Vrh / Litter I (26. 5. 2017)

              5 psi: Igor, Iris, Ir, Irm, Ido                  2 fenky: Ivory, Ira

Vrh / Litter CH (9. 4. 2016)

3 psi: Chán, Chyb, Chrys                3 fenky: Chesi, Chora, Chery

Vrh / Litter H (2. 1. 2015)

Ch. Achiles Avora

Harry, Hery, Hak, Hessy

Ch. Cedra Kutcher-Chan

Vrh / Litter G (17. 5. 2013)

Ch. Chivas Regal Černý Faun

Ch. Cedra Kutcher-Chan

Vrh / Litter F (10. 4. 2012)

Rednock Treasure Hunter

 Frony, Frina, Fred, Faust, Fargo,

Ch. Cedra Kutcher-Chan

Vrh / Litter E (7. 3. 2011)

Ch. Imp Idefix Černý Faun

Ety, Ery, Eny, Elf, Edy,

Ch. Cedra Kutcher-Chan

Vrh / Litter D (3. 7. 2010)

Rednock Treasure Hunter

Don, Dar, Dyta

Ch. Ajša Mandylion

Vrh / Litter Č (30. 3. 2009)

Rednock Treasure Hunter

Ch. Ajša Mandylion

Vrh / Litter C (30. 3. 2008)

Ch. Frodo Černý Faun

Cvik, Cip, Cira, Cita, Cerez, Cina, Ch.Cedra Kutcher-Chan

Ch. Ajša Mandylion

Vrh / Litter B (21. 4. 2007)

Ch. Archibald Qaterland

Ch. Ajša Mandylion

Vrh / Litter A (23. 2. 2005)

Aron Perry Eqicanis

Ch. Ajša Mandylion

Aryna, Aysit, Alexa, Azalka, Ajax, Asko, Abdul