Aptitude tests My Hunter KutcherChan


Today, September 16, 2023, our MyHunter Kutcher-Chan and I participated in the spring tests - or aptitude tests. 

It is a test where the innate abilities of dogs are verified. 

They are the basis for any hunting dog and do not qualify the dog as usable for hunting. 

NOSE, OBEDIENCE, BEHAVIOR AFTER A SHOT, LEADING OR LEADING, FOLLOWING, LIVE ANIMAL TRACE, LEADER TRACE AND VOLUME (this is mandatory for dachshunds and jagterriers) are assessed as standard. 

The result of the exam can be in I., II. and III. price. It is scored with grades 1 - 4. Hunter got a grade 4 in all disciplines. 

And since we are still not sure about the free time, we walked on a leash and it paid off. 

So he finished in a beautiful first prize